Hello There :)


My name is Elena, I’m Italian, I live between Italy and Belgium, and I can’t choose between painting and photography, even if everybody tell me I should :)

Painting and Photography: both of them are two magic FORMS OF EXPRESSION, both of them are visual, both of them are NEEDED to me, like air or water. And I need so many things, as well: my man, my friends, philosophy, music, books, sport, travel, movies, design, dance, stars, wild nature, languages, pizza!…

This is the place where I try to COMBINE, CONNECT and MERGE all that I love, and where:

you can see all of my works, my paintings and my pictures

you can find out a lot about me and understand what resonate more with your taste and your soul

you can get in touch with me to share ideas, opinions, projects we can work on together, and to find a friend ;)

you can speak English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch – I don’t speak them all perfectly, but I can make it!

In the illustration above, you can see me, with the love of my life, Wilson.

Isn’t it all about L O V E , in the end? ;)

And, talking about love: if you’re looking for my Wedding Photography page, here it is ;)