The Manual of the Warrior of Light, Paulo Coelho

This is one of my hardest, most loved, most sweated works: I decided, some years ago, to illustrate Paulo Coelho’s book “The Manual of the Warrior of Light”. Just for fun, at the beginning. Then it became a challenge. To have an illustration of each page and to show them all to its writer.

I have a strange relationship with this book: when I bought it, it was not the right moment of my life for it to be red. Then, after years, I realized how many messages of strength, positivity, perseverance and faith are hidden inside of it, and for a while it became my “lucky book”, a book to open when my faith in the Universe begins lacking, and even if, of course, it doesn’t contain any answer, it’s a good friend, with all of its flaws, imperfections, and diamonds. Thanks, Paulo Coelho.

With these illustrations, I had periods of pure productivity and long moments of total stuck. After years, nights up, struggling and a lot of good time, I finished the work, and with two years more, I was contacted by Paulo Coelho in person – yes! can you believe it? – to create three videos for his social medias.

Here are all the illustration :) you can read all the book if you want :)

You can find the three videos I made, that were published by Paulo Coelho in his Twitter and Facebook pages: here, here, and here.

If you feel like, check out my Instagram page, too. Enjoy!


The Warrior of the Light


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