Eric and Ross – Love and Rainbows in Oviedo

He was about to giving up, when I met him.

In 2016 I left for the Camino de Santiago, a way of pilgrimage that starts at the French border and crosses all the north of Spain, to Santiago de Compostela. It’s 800 km long, and the aim is to walk it all, backpack and boots, that’s all.
After a week, waiting for the dinner and resting from an extremely hard day, Ross was sitting in front of me and said “I think tomorrow I’ll catch a bus, I’m afraid not to get to Santiago on time for my flight”. “When is your flight?”, I asked. “On the 1st of September”, he answered. “You’re NOT catching a bus, tomorrow, then”, I said. “Only a week passed, we still have to get trained to this. We can’t give up now. My flight is on the same day as yours. Let’s walk together and see if we can do this!”

We walked the rest of the way together. We shared thoughts, emotions, fears, tiredness, we shared a room when it was impossible to sleep in the hostels, poems while walking at dawn, tortillas while having breakfast, feelings about our partners, stories of our families. I took care of his passport when he left it behind, and he took care of me when I got sick and had high fever. Walking together for something like 700 km built a strong, deep link between us, like a brother and a sister. And we made it, till the end. Till Santiago, then till Finisterrae, till the ocean.
And we kept building and protecting this link during these years, even if we live so far away from one another. 

Ross lives in Seattle. He studied in Oviedo just before starting the Camino. After that, he went back to US. He met Eric while working as a shop assistant, and he fell in love with him. I followed from Europe the beginning of a wonderful love story, through Ross’ words.
I was crying out of joy when I knew that they were coming to Europe: I could see my “little boy” again, and I was going to meet his boyfriend.
Eric is kind and sensitive, and both of us had the feeling that we knew each other already. We spoke a lot about ourselves, our feelings and emotions, like old friends.

We three had a great time in Oviedo. We had cidra (a lot :D), tasted all Asturian cheeses, walked on the ocean’s beach, enjoyed walking around the city’s markets. And we woke up soon in the morning, to catch the light.
It was a beautiful light. We had Love and Rainbows.

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