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  • Lost in my birthplace, lost on the beach

    17/01/2020 by

    This is Emily and Davide’s couple session. I went back to my hometown for Christmas, and I found a wonderful warm weather, my loved family, and some friends that are always there for me, even if we meet once a year. I was so grateful, and I always am. These two beautiful guys here, are… Read more

  • Eric and Ross – Love and Rainbows in Oviedo

    02/12/2019 by

    He was about to giving up, when I met him. In 2016 I left for the Camino de Santiago, a way of pilgrimage that starts at the French border and crosses all the north of Spain, to Santiago de Compostela. It’s 800 km long, and the aim is to walk it all, backpack and boots,… Read more

  • The Manual of the Warrior of Light, Paulo Coelho

    30/11/2019 by

    This is one of my hardest, most loved, most sweated works: I decided, some years ago, to illustrate Paulo Coelho’s book “The Manual of the Warrior of Light”. Just for fun, at the beginning. Then it became a challenge. To have an illustration of each page and to show them all to its writer. I… Read more

  • Portraits

    30/11/2019 by

    People, all of us, are a wonderful show. Over the years, I enjoyed meeting and painting a lot of them. Finding my style, in their style :)

  • Two

    30/11/2019 by

    I worked on this project when I didn’t meet Wilson, the love of my life, yet. But, maybe, in some way, I felt he was coming in my life, soon. Love, painted in some illustrations ;)

  • No Mirrors: Perspectives of a Body

    30/11/2019 by

    This is my most intimate work. It’s a study about my body, my imperfections, my shapes, seen from my own eyes, with my own perspective, with no mirrors. It’s a reflection about how we perceive ourselves, about how much we need something – or someone – else to see how we really are. Or maybe… Read more

  • In Radiohead Project

    30/11/2019 by

    Some years ago, I started drawing and painting, self-taught. One of my first subjects was a Brandon Boyd pic: the posture, the way he kept his hand on his face, his clothes, everything inspired me. Then, thinking of a title for the artwork, a Radiohead’s title came to my mind. “Let Down”, I thought it… Read more

  • Wall Painting: Roofs of Rome

    26/11/2019 by

    Fiammetta, one of my biggest and dearest friends in Rome, owns a wonderful apartment, five minutes walk to Piazza Navona. One day she decided to move – the city center is always overcrowded, and the position was not the best to reach her work place. So she decided to transform her apartment in a holiday-home,… Read more

  • Wall Painting: Miles Davis

    26/11/2019 by

    It was during my penniless period in Rome. One of my student’s father saw my paintings and offered me a week in his b&b in Sardinia, by the sea, with a room all for me, delicious food, and probably some of the best beaches of the world. In exchange of this guy here, painted on… Read more

  • Street Art In Athens

    25/11/2019 by

    This project has been published in the Internazionale webpage on 23th January 2015. It’s my first project, the one I worked on after the master in Reportage in Rome. During this 20 days-trip, I had the opportunity to meet so many different people, and to really live the soul of this wonderful country. I a grateful,… Read more

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