What is painting, to me?

♡ It’s freedom, it’s therapy, it’s a form of meditation.

♡ It’s focusing on the beauty, on the wonder, on the magic. It’s studying of every little detail of reality, and then forgetting about what reality is, and what I am.

♡ It’s forgetting about troubles, or seeing them from another perspective. It’s expressing how I feel.

♡ It’s exploration of all the infinite possibilities that we all can live and imagine, and just let a white paper come alive.

♡ It’s getting in contact with the part of me that my rational mind can’t completely grasp, it’s connecting with intuition, listening to intuition.

I always loved drawing and painting. I was the best of the class, at primary school. But, as for photography, music and writing, painting was not an important activity in my education. “Art doesn’t feed you”, that’s what I’ve been told.

At 28, I had a very difficult moment. I had a job I didn’t like, I felt alone, I had no joy, or purpose in my everyday life, I felt trapped.

I actually don’t remember what happened and how I decided to re-start drawing, after years and years. I just started. For a second, I stopped thinking about what I HAD to do, and just did what I felt like doing.

And this was my first drawing. I myself was so stunned about how easy and natural and relaxing and joyful it was, and how satisfied I was with the result. It was like I discovered I had a superpower :)

Brandon Boyd – Pencil on Paper 24 x 33 cm

Thanks to Brandon, btw :) he’s such a great artist, I think!

Anyway, thanks to painting and to photography, I gained confidence, strength and passion, and I decide to follow my dream to be a professional photographer and a painter.

In these years, I met so many people that told me to choose between painting and photography. But I just can’t. And I don’t want to :) I should give up and refuse a part of myself.

The Mirror – Watercolor on Paper 30 x 40 cm

That’s why I decided, instead of choosing between them, to merge them and connect them together. Isn’t it all connected, in the end? ;)

I had the gift of being able to do what I do, with no effort, with joy and pleasure, and I want to share it with others. That’s why I don’t charge high prices for my artworks, and that’s why I give them as a present to the couples in love that choose me as their photographer.

Because it isn’t all about money, I think. It’s about connections, it’s about sharing emotions, it’s about L O V E ♡