What is photography, to me?

♡ It’s focusing on the detail, on the wonder, on the miracle of reality.

♡ It’s being conscious of my own perspective and uniqueness in reading, observing, composing reality.

♡ It’s discipline, it’s observing, it’s human contact.

♡ It’s fixing a moment, an image, an expression, an emotion, a place, and make it last forever. It’s a spark of imagination, a present moment that in the future will make people dream and fantasize about the past. A bridge over time.

♡ It’s kindly exploring human beings’ soul, it’s discovering their essence and their core.

♡ It’s getting in contact with the part of me that my rational mind can’t completely grasp, it’s connecting with intuition, listening to intuition.

My relationship with photography started when I was working in a bingo hall. It was a night job, all the time dealing with angry, addicted people, hearing numbers called by a mechanical voice, for hours and hours. I felt in a cage and I needed something that helped me find some beauty and some expression in my everyday life.

So I enrolled in a short photography course and learned the basics. It was a revelation, I discovered and rediscovered how to express myself, my feelings, my point of view, which for such a long time were hidden. Day after day I felt that I had to follow the dream to become a professional photographer.

So I quit my job and studied Reportage and Travel Photography in Rome. The masterclass was amazing, and there I met two of my BEST FRIENDS ever. At the end, I had my first project published on the website of a very important Italian magazine.

After a while, I realized that photojournalism was really too hard for me to do for a living. I was penniless, with little jobs here and there. My finances where just enough to pay rent and bills, and I couldn’t afford not to have a stable job. The photographic gear that I needed was too expensive, and so were the travels that I should have had to work on some interesting photojournalism projects.

I invented myself as a private English teacher, and during the weekends I starting working for one of the biggest wedding photography studio in Rome. During these three years, I had the opportunity to learn, to meet so many interesting and amazing people, to visit WONDERFUL places in and around Rome, and to live the emotions of love. I realized that was exactly what I wanted to do.

Now I’m having a great time in Belgium. Financial conditions are much better, and I am so grateful to this country for allowing me to grow and work with what I love, with couples in love ♡, with weddings, with beautiful souls.

Other than that, I didn’t quit my passion for photojournalism: I have big projects that involve photography but not only that, and I’m letting them rest in my heart and in my mind till the conditions are the best to spread it out :)