Something more about me :)

Hey, I’m so happy you’re a bit curious about who I am! If we are where we are, there’s a reason, I believe ;)

So, where do I start?

When I was a child, I grew up in a very little town in the middle of the country, one hour from Venice. My parents taught me that I had to work hard to live, and that arts, photography, painting, writing, dance, music – yep, ALL the things that I loved and still love – were not serious stuff, not to loose time with, not useful to live. So I did all I had to: studied, left home at 19 and paid for the university, found jobs, worked hard.

But I was never satisfied, I started to get cynical, sad, angry.

At 28, after the suggestion of a dear friend, I started to study photography, and I re-started drawing and painting: I hadn’t been doing it since primary school. It was like waking up after 20 years of sleeping :) That’s when I realized what I wanted to do with my life.

So, I left my safe and boring job, I moved to Rome, and had a master in Photographic Reportage. Rome gave me two of my best and dearest friends, it gave me photojournalism and then wedding photography, it gave me so many inspirations in painting, and it gave me my loved man, Wilson.

Wilson had a hard time after his degree, and couldn’t find a job for years – Italy sometimes can be hard to live in. So, after many tries, we decided to go up to north and moved to Belgium. Here we can finally make big plans and start to build a family :)

This was my story, and these were the reasons Wilson and I are living between Italy and Belgium.

But what am I?

I am a seeker.

I seek the real, everyday Love that hides in the little things: a smile, a supporting glance, warming up next to someone when it’s freezing out, and all the little imperfections and flaws that make us unique. I seek the kind of love that makes us laugh until we cry, that the one that faces obstacles and hard times, that brings out the best in us – but stays with us through the worst – and only grows stronger and deeper.

I myself looked for Love, till I found it (till I found him!). And I look for it everywhere, always, all around me, wherever I go.

I believe that Love (and photography! and music! and pizza!) is what most makes life worth living.  I find myself in awe by the synchronicity  and by the wonder of coincidences that bring two souls together and wills them to fall in Love – to quote one of my favorite Italian singer, “da far pensare che l’universo l’han fatto apposta perché voi due vi incontraste là” – “it seems that the universe was made on purpose for you two to meet there”.

I seek discovery, wonder, beauty. I seek wisdom and things to learn. So that’s why, if I’m not taking pictures, painting or drawing, you will find me reading about philosophy or psychology, watching tons of movies, meditating, or traveling and visiting places, far or close, alone or with Wilson. Up to now, I lived in five different cities, and Brussels won’t be the last one. I am passionate about foreign languages: other than Italian – and a couple of regional dialects – I speak English, Spanish, French, a bit of Dutch and German, and I feel very attracted by Greek, Chinese, Arabic and Swahili.

I seek deep connections with beautiful souls. I love to share time and good experiences, I love meeting new people and I adore my Friends, Friendship is as sacred to me, just as Love. I believe we always meet people for one reason, and there’s always something to learn from anybody. People are wonders, miracles, stars, mirrors…

One day, more than ten years ago, I started having a little back ache. After two months, I couldn’t stand anymore. It hurt like hell, all the time. It was a herniated disc.  It was a terrible period of almost two years, with a thousand doctors – one of whom told me to resign myself to not being able to walk anymore.  I had to have two surgeries, months of physical therapy, and endure a lot of suffering.

This event changed my life. I became hungrier than ever: hungry to see, to look, to explore, to move, to go deep, to honor every part of my body and to always use the time I have in this life at its best. It gave me the strength and courage, to start working for myself, and to finally do only what I love. After this, I began to deeply understand what’s important to me, and I became a warrior, a fighter. I went for trips alone. I volunteered in an orphanage. I walked for 800 km along the Way of Santiago. I quit my job. I moved to Rome. I found Love. And I discovered photography and painting. I built my business with my two biggest passions and I take pictures of lovers and paint their portraits.

Here I am. Of course it’s not easy to describe oneself, but what I always try to do is to be me, at 100%, with who wants to connect.

So, go ahead, and drop a line: if you got to read till here, I’m sure you’ve got something to say! ;)