Miles Davis – Acrylic on Canvas

Here is my last work on assignment, I decided to put some color in this black and white :)

This was for Giorgia, and I thank her for giving me the opportunity to paint this big canvas.

You can see some videos of the Work in Progress at my Instagram painting account.

Let me know what you think ;)


Miles Davis – Acrylic on Canvas – 150 x 100 cm


Mother and Daughter

Hey everybody!

I’m going to share with you one of my last works on commission – just to rest the eyes after so much “Warrior of Light” ;)

A great mother, friend of mine, asked me to paint a mother and a daughter that reminded her and her little girl.  I want to thank her for giving me the opportunity of painting such an amazing subject!

This time I also tried with some videos of the work in progress, you can take a look on my Instagram page! Enjoy!

Heart and Brain Harmony

Hi everybody!

It’s been a long time! More than a year, actually, without posting new stuff. But ideas need their incubation period, before they come out and spread! – And life need to be lived and experienced, to allow new ideas to be conceived. No input, no output, right?

So I’m planning to change layout of this wordpress and I’m working on tons of new stuff, photography and illustrations, that will – super soon, I hope – be posted.

Here’s the last of my works: a dear friend, mother of a marvellous 5 years old girl student of mine, asked me to paint a very small image she found on the web, because she wanted to make her psychologist studio. Of course I accepted, because I absolutely loved the illustration and it was perfectly in line with my idea of emotional and mindful balance and harmony. So she sent it to me on Whatsapp and I copied it in a 50 x 70 canvass. Here it is, I hope you’ll let me know if you like it.

You’ll read me soon! In the meanwhile, never stop learning! ;)