The Manual of the Warrior of Light

This is one of my hardest, most loved, most sweated works: I decided, something like two years ago, to illustrate Paulo Coelho’s book “The Manual of the Warrior of Light”. And I’m not done yet, a lot of work is still to be done.

I have a strange relationship with this book: when I bought it, it was not the right moment of my life for it to be red. Then, after years, I realized how many messages of strength, positivity, perseverance and faith are hidden inside of it, and it became my “lucky book”, a book to open when my faith in the Universe begins lacking, and even if, of course, it doesn’t contain any answer, it’s a good friend, with all of its flaws, imperfections, and diamonds. Thanks, Paulo Coelho.

With these illustrations, I had periods of pure productivity and long moments of total stuck. After years, nights up, struggling and a lot of good time, now I think it’s time for the sea to receive this message in the bottle of mine, and it’s time for me to start letting it go, until, hopefully, one day, someone will enjoy looking at it.

Periodically I will update here all the illustrations, but check out my Instagram page, too. Enjoy!

Ps. I want once again to remind that every caption is an extract written by Paulo Coelho in his book! ;)


‘Just off the beach to the east of the village lies an island, and on it is a vast temple with many bells,’ said the woman. • • • ‘Nella spiaggia a est del paese c’è un’isola sulla quale sorgr un gigantesco tempio con tante campane,’ disse la donna.


Heart and Brain Harmony

Hi everybody!

It’s been a long time! More than a year, actually, without posting new stuff. But ideas need their incubation period, before they come out and spread! – And life need to be lived and experienced, to allow new ideas to be conceived. No input, no output, right?

So I’m planning to change layout of this wordpress and I’m working on tons of new stuff, photography and illustrations, that will – super soon, I hope – be posted.

Here’s the last of my works: a dear friend, mother of a marvellous 5 years old girl student of mine, asked me to paint a very small image she found on the web, because she wanted to make her psychologist studio. Of course I accepted, because I absolutely loved the illustration and it was perfectly in line with my idea of emotional and mindful balance and harmony. So she sent it to me on Whatsapp and I copied it in a 50 x 70 canvass. Here it is, I hope you’ll let me know if you like it.

You’ll read me soon! In the meanwhile, never stop learning! ;)




Roofs of Rome

Painting on walls is getting more and more amazing :)

The making of Miles Davis

Thanks to La locanda degli artisti in Tortolì, Sardinia and to Fiammetta Cerreti for the pictures! :)

In Radiohead Project – 12 Radiohead’s song titles, illustrated

It took a while, but now it’s ready! Mi ci è voluto un po’, ma ora è pronto!

©Elena Mantovan

In Radiohead

12 Radiohead’s song titles, illustrated.


#01. Let Down

#02. Lotus Flower

#03. Optimistic

#04. How To Disappear Completely

#05. Myxomatosis

#06. Stop Whispering

#07. We Suck Young Blood

#08. Fitter Happier

#09. Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was)

#10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

#11. Anyone Can Play Guitar

#12. Where I End And You Begin

Read more for all the story, in English and in Italian. Continua a leggere, per tutta la storia, in inglese e in italiano.

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No Mirrors: Perspectives of a Body

Mirrors, however, tell only a half truth. The face in the looking glass is only half the size of your actual face, merely half of what you in fact present and others see.

James Hillman, The soul’s code

Do I need a mirror to know ho my body is? Its shape, its postures, how it moves and in which directions? Do I need a mirror to know how my soul is? How good and bad, the emotions, its flaws, its story and its desires? Do I need to mirror in somebody’s else soul to see mine?

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 45 x 60,5 cm

Acrylic on Canvas – 45 x 60,5 cm

Ma gli specchi dicono solo mezze verità. La faccia che ti vedi allo specchio misura la metà delle dimensioni della tua faccia vera, è solamente la metà di quella che presenti agli altri e che gli altri vedono.

James Hillman, Il codice dell’anima

Ho bisogno di uno specchio per sapere com’è il mio corpo? Che forma ha, che postura assume, come si muove e in che direzioni? Ho bisogno di uno specchio per sapere com’è la mia anima? Quanto bene e quanto male, che emozioni, quali difetti, la sua storia e i desideri? Ho bisogno di specchiarmi in un’altra anima per vedere la mia?

Two, together