Street Art In Athens

This project has been published in the Internazionale webpage on 23th January 2015. It’s my first project, the one I worked on after the master in Reportage in Rome.

During this 20 days-trip, I had the opportunity to meet so many different people, and to really live the soul of this wonderful country. I a grateful, for all that it gave me.

Internazionale (!!!)

Today has been a great day and I’m grateful and full of joy. It’s hard, here, but when I thought I’d lost all hopes, my work and my photographs of street art in Athens has been published on the website of the magazine Internazionale. Take a look here and hope you enjoy!


Oggi è stato un grande giorno e sono felicissima e piena di gratitudine, perché, quando ormai non ci speravo più, l’Internazionale mi ha contattata per pubblicare le mie foto sul sito! Date un’occhiata qui, spero vi piacciano! :)