In Radiohead Project – 12 Radiohead’s song titles, illustrated

It took a while, but now it’s ready! Mi ci è voluto un po’, ma ora è pronto!

©Elena Mantovan

In Radiohead

12 Radiohead’s song titles, illustrated.


#01. Let Down

#02. Lotus Flower

#03. Optimistic

#04. How To Disappear Completely

#05. Myxomatosis

#06. Stop Whispering

#07. We Suck Young Blood

#08. Fitter Happier

#09. Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was)

#10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

#11. Anyone Can Play Guitar

#12. Where I End And You Begin

Read more for all the story, in English and in Italian. Continua a leggere, per tutta la storia, in inglese e in italiano.

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